Our Products

Here are a list of our products.

Product 1

Router-CIM 2015 Automation Suite
Automated - Integrated
 CAD\CAM software

CIM-Tech offers a deeper, more robust software solution. Router-CIM
Automation Suite offers a familiar Windows®-style interface, and its
enhanced capability supports a variety of third party software to control other equipment.

Product 3

Solid-CIM 3D

Solid-CIM 3D is the ultimate solution for programming or nesting 3D solid parts and assemblies from AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor® and many other popular solid modeling products. Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) works directly on 3D solids and 3D solid assemblies to lay parts flat and identify machine operations. With one click, nested programs for any CNC machine are created with a cut list with all the parts, materials, and quantities.

Product 3


The Multi-CIM add on to Router-CIM saves you time by automatically exporting individual parts out of a drawing that contains multiple parts. This powerful software puts all of the individual drawings into a user selectable folder and also builds a cut list that can be imported and run through Router-CIM automation to cut and nest parts in just a few clicks.

Product 2

Cam Companion 2014

CIM-TECH offers an OEM version of AutoCAD 2014 that powers Router-CIM with Autodesk technology. Our CAM Companion 2014 has the power of AutoCAD 2014 for users that require CAD functionality.

Only available with a Router-CIM license.

Product 3


Maximize your material yield with the powerful AutoNest nesting software. Save time and resources in generating cutting programs and optimizing material. AutoNest takes the guess work out of placing your parts on your material. This add on to Router-CIM gives you a completely automated solution to go from individual parts to a fully programmed nest. Take your Nested Based Manufacturing to the next level by combining AutoNest with Router-CIM Automation Suite.


Product 3

Advanced AutoNEST

CIM-Tech's Router-CIM Advanced Nesting Module now includes more productivity solutions from the leaders in CAD/CAM software then ever before. Router-CIM's Advanced Nesting Module is integrated with AutoCAD ® giving you powerful tools in a completely automated environment. With our Automated Two-Sided Nesting, Stay Down Nesting, Common Line Nesting, Cart Control Nesting and Multiple Stock Control Nesting, CIM-Tech has given you the power to increase productivity while decreasing your amount of work.

Product 3


Touch-n-Print is an interactive labeling system that can increase the efficiency of printing labels.  Touch-n-Print displays a nest created by Router-CIM Automation Suite and allows you to print the labels you want.