Router-CIM Automation Suite: Additional Features

  • New "Paint" Feature: Allows you to copy the job settings from one job to another
  • ShapeDone Version 2: Significantly reduces job run times by skipping the cutting step for previously cut parts if the source drawing has not changed
  • New Interface streamlines input : New data access components makes importing large
    jobs 10x faster
  • Inventor Link for cutting parametric solids: Includes a one button allows Inventor part models, assemblies or drawings to open directly in Router-CIM
  • Scrap cutting enhancements: Router-CIM can cut and optionally save the scraps from nested sheets
  • SQL Server Support
  • Double Click on PAG file to import and run job
  • Horizontal and Vertical Spacing on Nest Layouts
  • Right click in Windows Explorer to cut parts! One click to cut or nest parts directly from Windows Explorer! No other system is faster or easier
  • Job Wizard: Steps you through building a job from start to finish
  • Drag and Drop: Drag files from Windows Explorer into a Router-CIM job. DWG, DXF, and parametric macros can now be added by simply dragging them into a job
  • DOIT Editor: Finds knowledge from Knowledge Drawing and the layers from the parts in the job
  • Automatic DOIT Creator: Automatically makes a DOIT file with a layer relation for every knowledge
  • Material Import and Export: Materials can now be imported and exported into the Router-CIM material database
  • Start Point Control Feature: Allows you to pick a start point during automation runs
  • Extended data fields for importing from Excel: Additional label fields can now be imported from an XLS or CSV file
  • All new reporting features: New reporting feature provides total material usage and new spread sheet reports
  • New Cutting Cycles: 12 cutting cycles have been added since Router-CIM 8 making you more productive
  • Part Property controls
    • Advanced part rotation control
    • Filler part quantity fills nest with extra parts to improve yield
    • Scrap cutting controls allow you to set an amount to cut and a different amount to inventory for each material
  • New Irregular shape stock nesting: Nest on unlimited irregular shape stock sizes
  • Additional part rotation capabilities during nest: Individual parts can override their material rotation

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