Core Features

  • Easy all in one Interface: Our all-in-one screen for tool path parameters is easy to learn and use. We've organized all of the machining parameters into one easy-to-use interface. This screen is set up and saved as "Knowledge". This information is easily archived, and can be transferred from one computer to another.

  • Tool oscillation improves cutter life when cutting laminates: Use the Router-CIM Tool Oscillation feature to prevent your tools from being subjected to sustained abrasive materials at a certain location. The Tool Oscillation feature allows you to vary the depth in the Z Axis in a constant motion helping to spread the wear on the tool from a specific spot allowing for longer tool life when cutting materials such as laminated wood panels.

  • Router-CIM can "POCKET" complex geometry: New Spiral and linear pocketing technology handles the most complex shapes. Multiple depths, unlimited islands, variable finish allowance, helical entry, plunge, tool staydown, outside to in, inside to out, and more are all available.

  • DOIT Command: Automatically cut drawings based on AutoCAD's layers. DO IT simplifies manufacturing to just one click! Tool paths are automatically sorted to optimize time, and a cutting time report is generated automatically.

  • Layer to Knowledge association: You can associate specific cutting technology or knowledge to each layer. Now your drafting standard is also your machining standard!

  • Information flows smoothly: Knowledge + DO IT associations + AutoCAD drawings = Automatic tool path, nesting and NC Code! This basic process can be used on one part, or on hundreds of parts nested together!

  • Drill Pattern Recognition and Fast Drill Technology: Pattern recognition optimizes drilling for gang drills. Many metalworking CAM systems do not support this feature, because metalworking machines don't have drill blocks. Router-CIM was designed specifically for woodworking machines. Router-CIM has the fast drilling feature for Fanuc Routers. This feature allows the Fanuc to drill up to 40% faster than other machines programmed with other CAM software!

  • Programs Complex Aggregate Heads: Router-CIM has full control of horizontal machining, including horizontal cutter compensation in G18 and G19 planes. This allows you to compensate for tool wear when machining on the side of a part – Important if you want accurate cutouts!

  • Lettering Package included: Router-CIM now includes its own lettering module that outputs smooth NC code arc segments. It includes many fonts and sign making features. Router-CIM's lettering outputs tangent arcs. Even large letters machine with a smooth finish.

About Us

CNC Software Solutions by CIM-TECH

Established in 1986, the founders of CIM-TECH realized that a CNC machine was only as good as your ability to program it. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) was needed to bridge the gap between Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). CIM provides for a seamless solution with a common interface for design and manufacturing. From this basic concept a new company was created, CIM-TECH.

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