Parametric Macro Builder Interface for Router-CIM Automation Suite

Router-CIM includes a powerful drawing and programming tool called The Parametric Macro Builder. With this tool, you can design re-sizable family of part macros that create detailed drawings. These macros can be driven by variables and Excel spread sheets or data files. The Parametric Macro Builder includes many predefined macro parts for doors, cabinets, and millwork. Users can modify these stock parts and save them under new names or create parametric parts from scratch. You are only limited by your imagination on the parametric designs that you can create. A full range of mathematical functions are available and you can create multi condition variables giving you limitless parametric design capabilities.

Dynamic View Rotation
Just hold down the left mouse button to 3D orbit, roll the mouse wheel to zoom or hold the mouse wheel down for pan.
Feature to Parameter Highlighter
Touch on the feature and the parameters for it are highlighted
Parameter to Feature Highlighter
Touch on the parameter and the feature will highlight

Parametric Feature
The new macro builder can turn any existing polyline into a parametric feature. Just draw the shape and pick new profile from selected polyline.
2D Wireframe to 3D Solids
The new macro builder now draws your parts as 2D wireframe or 3D Solids!

Router-CIM Automation Suite includes parametric MDF door macros and parametric Millwork macros!

Our competitors sell their door programs for thousands of dollars above the cost of their program. Router-CIM includes door programs! Our door macros are the easiest to make and edit, and include the most powerful features.

Corbels, bead door, wainscoat, rosettes, columns, arches, more! Router-CIM includes All these parametric millwork macros! Our macros are the easiest to make and edit, and include the most powerful features. Router-CIM macros can insert AutoCAD blocks parametrically and even the block name can be a variable!

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