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Auto-CIM by CIM-TECH is a custom solution that automates the process of converting your 3D solid model into 2D drawings and producing machine ready NC code. Auto-CIM has the ability to monitor a folder for your solid models, process the model automatically through Solid-CIM 3D, and automatically place tool paths on all of your parts and send the NC code files to a location of your choosing. Auto-CIM removes the need of CNC programmers to have to manually process parts and assign tool paths, ultimately reducing the time spent programming.

Auto-CIM Features:

  • Automatically brings the solid model into AutoCAD for processing by Solid-CIM 3D
  • Allows for veneer/grain matching directly out of Solid-CIM 3D ensuring parts are nested together
  • Exports the individual drawing files, and creates a custom CSV file for importing into Router-CIM Automation Suite
  • Creates jobs, assigns toolpaths, and produces machine ready NC code without human intervention
  • Ability to send emails detailing when jobs can’t be processed or don’t meet your criteria
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