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Read about what others have to say about CIM-TECH's World-class products and services!

Lifespan Closets

I have been using Router CIM software suite for the past 17 years, it has been my favorite CAD/CAM software the entire time. The near limitless machining flexibility, along with seamless integration with AutoCAD has made production of different product lines on different CNC routers efficient and profitable. From skateboard parks, to kitchen products, to commercial cabinetry, Router-CIM has always had the product and support to turn drawings into physical products quickly and accurately.

     ~ Ryan Farnham , Lifespan Closets

Construction Specialties

Things are going well with Router-CIM.  Since we upgraded to 2023 we have incorporated another one of our product lines into Router-CIM in lieu of using BobCAD for manual programming.  We have seen an 80% savings in programming time using Router-CIM in lieu of manual programming.  We are starting to do more with Solid-CIM to get additional product lines into Router-CIM. 

     ~ Justin Shaner, Construction Specialties


American Plastic Fabricators

We have been using Router-CIM on our router since 2014. Their help with challenging projects has been outstanding. Andy and Sheldon have done a great job in helping us tweak programs to get the best yields and run times possible. Support like this makes all the difference in the world to help make us more competitive in a tight market. They introduced us to additional features such as Cut-SIM have allowed us to simulate parts and paths to eliminate errors and crashes. Those problems can be costly and are now eliminated. We’ve used many products for CNC programming and none compare to CIM-TECH.

     ~ Mike Morris,  American Plastic Fabricators

Universal Forest Product Industries

I have been operating, programming, and maintaining CNC routers in the woodworking and plastics industries for over 13 years. In that time I have used several different brands of programming software – from the big names that end in CAM, to ones most in the industry are likely to have never heard of. All of them fall short in comparison to Router-CIM when using every metric possible. Whether you are comparing the support provided by people such as Andy, the training provided by folks like Sheldon, or the innovations and advanced training provided by Greg and Kenny, the folks at blow everyone away. Their software not only makes programming much faster and easier, it helps business in other ways such as inventory control and costing. Thank you!

     ~ Andrew Sain, Universal Forest Products

Architectural Arts

I want to thank Sheldon for taking the extra time at the end of our training session to go over the excel spread sheets. I have ran one job with 56 sills and another with 432 shelves just this week – and entering them into a spread sheet and running them through [Router-CIM] Automation took me about a ½ hour for both jobs instead of a couple days – and I know there were no errors running them this way. I’ve always enjoyed running Router-Cim – and now I’m really liking using Automation as well. Thanks for teaching a great product!

     ~ Morgan Grimm, Architectural Arts

Crystal Cabinets

Crystal Cabinets has been working with Router-CIM since 1997. It has become an integral part of our business by automating 85% of our part geometry directly from our ERP system. Router-CIM has also continually allowed us opportunities to improve sheet stock yield through new software versions and custom applications.

     ~ Greg Rask, Crystal Cabinets Works Inc.

Seating Concepts

Today, a user played tech with his PC and did not tell me. He just called me over and said LOOK. Andy remote connected into the unit, brought up the error and told me “Someone deleted Crystal Reports”. He directed me to your website to download the latest update, and within minutes, it was working again. Andy’s polite professionalism, in combination with his thorough knowledge of what he supports, is very valuable to me. If he could have seen my jaw drop when he made that instantaneous diagnosis of the error message today, he would have chuckled.

     ~ Sheldon Tenzer, Seating Concepts

Great Lakes Stainless, Inc. 

CIM-TECH has been nothing but the best in all departments. Great Lakes Stainless started using Router-CIM in mid-2013. The first day I used it I was able to get cabinets to the machine and product in the back of a truck within hours. I have been very impressed with the ability to manual program the "odd ball" jobs and also at the flick of a wrist, the ability to run through automation and have working complete nested drawings, programs, and labels. The tech support is top notch and always answers the question and or will get me going on the right path (Thank you Andy!). Router-CIM is everything it says and more. The fact you can hit a button in Autodesk Inventor 2014 and let Router-CIM take over, is probably the most impressive thing I have ever seen. I have used other wood working software and by far this has been the easiest and more dedicated software I have ever used. Does what I want, when I want, and how I want. CIM-TECH has a great solution to a market where software is not big or developed enough. The fact you have the ability to control almost 90% of software and what it will do for you is the best feature. They have definitely made an impact on our company and will always be top on our list!

     ~ Dave Orwin, Great Lakes Stainless


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