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Touch-N-Print is an interactive labeling system that can increase the efficiency of CNC operators labeling completed parts right off the CNC machine. Touch-N-Print displays the nest created by Router-CIM Automation Suite and allows you to print the labels you want. This on-demand label printing is done on a computer right next to the CNC router or can be installed on a Windows based control in the CNC router.

By utilizing the touch screen you simply touch the part and the label will print. You can also use a mouse to pick the part to print.

Touch-N-Print Features:

  • On-Demand Part Label Printing offline or directly from the CNC Router for quicker part turnover
  • Easily identify parts by seeing the part shape and the location of the part in the nest for fast label placement
  • Standard labels included or create your own customized label with Router-CIM Automation Suite
  • Works with a variety of printers utilizing cost effective rolls of labels
  • Print individual labels, full nest labels or all the labels for the entire job with a simple touch
  • Load one Touch-N-Print label file for the entire job run
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