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AutoNEST by CIM-TECH automatically maximizes your material yield. This nesting software takes the guess work out of placing your parts on your material while saving time and money. 

True Shape Nesting

True Shape Nesting creates detailed nests to fit parts onto specific stock sizes. The program does this faster than manually laying parts out. Part Inside of Part nesting allows for nesting inside of part openings, thereby improving material usage.

Filler Part Nesting

Parts can have a basic and filler quantity in a nest. Filler parts fill in the scrap areas, eliminating wasted material and providing extra parts.

Irregular Stock Nesting

Parts in your job can nest on rectangular or irregular shape stock sizes. Irregular stock shapes can contain islands, knots to avoid, or vacuum zone definitions.

Scrap Management 

Powerful Scrap Management features allow you to inventory your remnant material. A wide variety of strategies are available, including multiple remnant cuts and combining leftover stock into one piece. The inventory capability of the scrap management system will save you money. Remnants can automatically be generated and labeled or input manually.

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