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Training isn’t just important to your company, it is vital for your success with Router-CIM Automation Suite.

At CIM-TECH, we believe that training presents a prime opportunity for your CNC programmers to learn the most efficient and best practices to become expert Router-CIM Automation Suite users.

We offer Classroom, Onsite and Online training opportunities. Each training option will be geared towards your CNC programmer’s skill and familiarity level with Router-CIM Automation Suite. Training is essential to start you off on the right foot. Whether you are starting with the basics or looking to further expand you knowledge on advanced programming topics, we have experienced technicians that will be able to assist you. 

Our training staff consists of highly experienced individuals with backgrounds in CNC, applications, and CNC CAD/CAM programming. Take advantage of their years of experience to learn and to let them show you the best practices for using all the features in Router-CIM Automation Suite.

Classroom Training Features:

  • Complete training in our Router-CIM Automation Suite training classroom located in Orlando, Florida
  • Ability to learn with multiple different companies in order to share experiences and tactics to achieve the best possible CNC programming
  • Curriculum based courses allow you to choose the type of course that meets your needs
  • Computer systems fully loaded with the latest Router-CIM Automation Suite features


Onsite Training Features:

  • Dedicated training in your facility keeping CNC programmers in a familiar environment
  • From just starting out with Router-CIM Automation Suite to advanced topics, onsite training is tailored to your needs
  • All training is done on your computers so when the training is completed, you have everything you need to start using Router-CIM Automation Suite
  • Ability to go from the classroom directly to your shop floor and see the results
  • Content driven course based on skill level and topics needed


Online Training Features:

  • Customized training offered in 1 hour increments
  • From single topic coverage to extensive, in-depth training
  • Sessions can be recorded for review later on
  • Multiple users can view the training from different computers
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